Hi all, The Divider, screened at the 6th Annual Wirral International Film Festival was nominated by it’s judging panel in two of the major categories, BEST FEATURE FILM & BEST DIRECTOR and the film and I came 2nd in both categories, and very nearly was awarded 1st in both. This is an incredible achievement in  [ Read More ]

Hi all, Please find the link to the Main Trailer for The Divider to tie in with our appearance in The Wirral International Film Festival this year. Massive thanks go to Ben, Sean and Paul for edit assembly, accompanying music score and audio and the support on our film’s ‘sales’ piece. Another part of this  [ Read More ]

I bring very exciting news, The Divider is being shown as one of the feature film evening’s being hosted by Alan & Phil as part of the Wirral International Film Festival, http://www.wirralfilmfestival.com/ the annual festival this year is being held at The Little Theatre, Grange Road West, Birkenhead, CH41 4BY. I and we should be  [ Read More ]

My last blog piece spoke of introducing new characters into the sequel, and one of the main introductions into our sequel is having the son of Wesley Marks, Samuel Marks as part of the centre of the story. Samuel takes on the persona of Dark Anarchy, going up against The Divider and presenting a physical  [ Read More ]

The Divider sequel, entitled, ‘Last Son of Mandon’ is officially up & running. I am heavily into pre-production with most locations established and in place, the script is completed and casting on all returning principal and new characters is complete and the feedback from the actors is that the script in their eyes is exceptionally  [ Read More ]

WE MADE IT ! There are days where you wish they would never end. 8th December 2012 was one of them. From the first word of script in 2004 on the first draft to seeing the film on the big screen – 8 years and worth every moment in waiting for OUR film to reach  [ Read More ]

Hello all, A selection of stills of Nicci as Fran Hargreaves, this gallery reflects the ups and downs of some of Nicci’s scenes as Fran, including a still of ‘our couple’ whom we place so much belief and hope in, David and Fran who are at the heart of the story. Thanks once again to  [ Read More ]

Ladies and Gentleman, There are events, There are occurances, There are accomplishments and Then There is The Divider. With unrelenting drive, determination and passion for the project, we have got to the end of filming of our film and it is certainly, more than anything I’ve ever worked on, been the very defination of collaberative  [ Read More ]

This last Saturday, we filmed Rich’s last scenes in the cape and costume (for now !) It was apt the scenes were at the core of the story and involved the amassing of evidence of Marks plans and created a lot of atmosphere and we were able to incorporate a lot of prop material in  [ Read More ]

Hello all, As we get near to our end target, (3 shoots left !) we are able to start building a clearer view as to how and where we aim to build the promotional work around the film and where we may launch and develop the film from. We had the opportunity to take a  [ Read More ]