Hello all,

A dawn arrives….. The launch and development of our sequel is well underway. We are deep into pre-production ahead of a shooting start date of September 2014.

A huge amount of work has gone into getting the sequel off the ground and we have a number of exciting new introductions into the Divider saga for this second film and the continuation of the story from the first film in expanding our universe.

We have a strong story to follow our origin tale with the theme of generational conflict running throughout the narrative.

We introduce and flesh out back story for the Marks family and introduce Wesley’s son, Samuel, being played by Brendan Leddy and extend the connection between the Marks and the Greene family from Leonard’s appearance in the first film with introducing his son, Daniel, a childhood friend of Samuel’s, with Kevin Hand playing Daniel.

A major part of the film is continuing the father-son dynamic on both sides of the families and I am delighted that we have both John Chudleigh and Tony Milburn back as Wesley Marks and Lawrence Ider respectively, and equally happy we have Nicci Brighten returning as Fran Hargreaves, which we can build on the relationship between Fran and David, now that she knows David’s secret identity.

We also have a new actor taking on the role of The Divider, Jake Francis is undertaking the role of our hero and we look forward to seeing new costume development for three roles, in that, we are introducing a brand new hero to the film, I won’t reveal too much on that one !

At this point, I would like to say a massive thank you to all new and returning actors for being part of the sequel and how much I look forward to working with you all and the crew.

News as it develops will appear on the page and stills and on set material will appear as we go.

I know we have built our universe strongly, return with wider production value and a larger canvas in which to continue our story and a massive thank you to all new & returning production partners, location development team, Adrian, Andrew & team from Academy returning to make our costumes look epic, I would like to welcome on board too, our additional music score team, with Missy Chambers joining Ben Henderson to score our sequel and our stunt co-ordination team, led by Ronin Traynor & Luisa Guerreiro, our storyboard artist, Georgina Bradford who have enabled us to create, expand and make the sequel a progressive step onwards from what we all achieved so well on the first film.

We will be launching our Crowd Funding campaign during the summer which will provide and enable us to have a larger budget than the first film, thus allowing an expanded production value, we will be having some very strong rewards linked in with the campaign so when the time comes, I would encourage you all to dig deep for your pennies (a huge thank you in advance for that one !)

Once launched, I will update the page and site with our Twitter & Facebook accounts so you can keep up to date, round the clock, with updates and news on the film.

Making any film is always a journey of discovery and this sequel will be no different but I know we are going to be creating something very special and exceptional with this one.

All the best for now,


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