Ladies and Gentleman,

There are events, There are occurances, There are accomplishments and Then There is The Divider.

With unrelenting drive, determination and passion for the project, we have got to the end of filming of our film and it is certainly, more than anything I’ve ever worked on, been the very defination of collaberative and as a team, as a collective, we should be incredibly proud of ourselves.

I never once doubted we couldn’t complete filming and even in the darkest days I knew we would complete the goal, the achievement and here we stand.

We wrap on the 11th December and head into post production and another stage of this amazing story.

This was Rich’s and Pete’s last shoot – a massive thank you to the boys for their commitment, time, support, expertise, input and vision in being part of this wonderful film.

Thank you from me to you all individually and as Team Divider for all your amazing hard work and support, we got there and next year and 2013 are going to be spectacular !!

All the best


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