The Divider sequel, entitled, ‘Last Son of Mandon’ is officially up & running. I am heavily into pre-production with most locations established and in place, the script is completed and casting on all returning principal and new characters is complete and the feedback from the actors is that the script in their eyes is exceptionally strong and the belief is we have a very cohesive and well told story to tell.

Picking up where the first film finished, we introduce a number of key new characters to the fold to combine with many returning cast members and we definitely drive the arcs of all characters forward and into a dark story which expands the ‘universe’ that we introduced in The Divider.

Filming is scheduled to begin in May and the shooting schedule will be put together in the next few weeks by Jim, I feel very strongly that this second film builds on the strengths of the first film and takes us up to another level, we have a physical threat to Divider that we have not seen before, the emotional depth of how the story is shaped is massive and the key introductions of characters that will add so much to those already established.

The anticipation & excitement in bringing our sequel to the screen and working on it with the Divider ‘family’ is such a buzz, it is going to be amazing and can’t wait to get on set with you all again.

More news & photos to be added in the weeks to come,

Cheers for now,


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